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Principal's Message

August, 2022


Tanisi, Tawâw, and Welcome

I am proud to be the Principal of Punnichy Elementary Community School. On behalf of the staff at our school, I would like to welcome you.  

PECS is a is a Pre-kindergarten through Grade Eight school with a current enrolment of 103 students. We have a wonderful staff who are dedicated to creating a rich, exciting, and extensive educational experience for every student. We are known as a small school with a big heart.  Our dedicated teams of teachers focus on the instruction of Math and Language.  

I believe that all children can learn and that it is our responsibility to ensure that it happens. We at PECS work hard to make sure the needs of our students are met so we can accomplish this goal.  

Family members of our students play an equally important role in every child’s learning experience. I encourage family members to be active participants in the daily learning activities and school experiences of their children. An open, two-way path of communication is vital to the success of our students. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

Yours in education, 
Shane Watts