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Punnichy Elementary Community School is a Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 school of about 150 students. Our Pre-Kindergarten students are 3 and 4 years old and attend mornings Monday to Friday. We have full-day Kindergarten to Grade 8, Monday to Friday. 

Punnichy is a small community located in the Touchwood Hills. It has a population of about 315 people. It has basic amenities with a local Co-op grocery store; a regional library; an RCMP detachment; post office; community hall; local museum and an art gallery. Our students come to us from the communities of Punnichy and Quinton, as well as the surrounding communities of Daystar First Nation, George Gordon First Nation and Kawacatoose First Nation.

Punnichy is home to the Ernest Luthi home and gallery. It is also the hometown of musician/singer Jeffery Straker. Local artist Janice Schlosser, a retired educator from the local high school, now focuses on her art both at her home and in town from a building that was at one time the local theatre. Punnichy has a quiet but persistent group of people keeping the art alive including a local group of fiddle playing ladies called Belles with Bows.

Punnichy enjoys a mix of arts largely due to the mix of residents. Local arts are influenced by the local First Nations communities of George Gordon and Daystar First Nations. Both First Nations have talented beaders, painters, quilters and seamstresses - one lady refers to herself as the Creative Native. She works on traditionally-influenced clothing including ribbon shirts and ribbon skirts.